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Hyderabad Metro: No Parking space but heavy fines !

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Hyderabad Metro: No Parking space but heavy fines !


The Hyderabad Metro was launched on November 29, 2017, with great fanfare. The people of Hyderabad who had been struggling due to unbearable traffic on the city roads saw the Metro as a saviour which would cut down their travel time considerably. 

It was this curiosity and excitement that led to over one and a half lakh people hopping on to the Metro on the first day of the launch. On December 3rd, 2017, Metro saw a record footfall with as many as 2.2 lakh people using the services. 

The services which were started only on the LB Nagar to Ameerpet Line received a great boost with the extension of the services to the Hitech City which was seen as a game-changer and was expected to reduce the traffic considerably. 

The euphoria, however, was short-lived and Hyderabad metro is finding very few takers and there is only one reason for this - Parking problems. 

The Metro Officials are calling this steep drop in the passenger numbers as normal and say that Once passengers figure out the dynamics of their travel and what is suitable for their needs, the numbers will become steady again. 

This is in sharp contrast with the reality where a number of people are still having to park their vehicles in the nearby areas and bylanes. The Metro authorities have taken note of this situation and are identifying empty spaces to expand parking near the stations. The actions being planned are not enough say a number of metro travelers as this expansion is happening only in select stations. 

While a number of major stations still await a larger parking space, the travelers are requesting the authorities to at least go easy on the fines


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