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Xiaomi Solar Self Charging Mobiles are on the way…

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Xiaomi Solar Self Charging Mobiles are on the way…

There are a number of innovations coming up in smartphones these days. Of all the features of a smartphone, charging is something that is most needed across the budgets.

What if you are at the luxury of having a solar self-chargeable mobile? Interesting right? Chinese mobile manufacturer Xiaomi is planning to get on with this and has patented its rights related to the design which houses a solar panel at the back of the smartphone. The mobile design is similar to the existing full-screen touch mobiles but will be equipped with a solar panel at the back.

On closely observing the design closely, we can see that there is no notch on the design, which means the device will either have the pop-up front camera or the rumoured Xiaomi in-display front camera. There is no fingerprint sensor on the back of the device, which points towards an in-display fingerprint sensor.

The handset is thin and may have a smaller battery, unlike other electric charged mobiles. More details will be disclosed soon to understand the potential of the battery backup and how powerful the device may be. So let’s wait for the in-depth technical details from Xiaomi.



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