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WhatsApp Update: Select which contacts can add you to groups

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WhatsApp Update: Select which contacts can add you to groups


One of the biggest downfalls of WhatsApp is the fact that anybody can add you to any number of groups without your permission. Now, this is going to change as WhatsApp has rolled out a new update which will allow you to select users who may add you to the groups. 

The update is rolling out across the world and this feature was something that the social messaging app was planning to launch for quite some time. 

"Based on feedback from users during our initial rollout, instead of the 'Nobody' option we are now providing a 'My Contacts Except' option. This allows you to choose to exclude specific contacts or 'select all'," WhatsApp said in a blog post.

Out of the 1.5 billion global users of WhatsApp, India alone accounts for nearly 400 million users. 

Earlier in April, the platform introduced controls which allowed the users to decide who can add them to groups. However, it was not as concrete as the current update. 

The present update will be providing the "My Contacts Except" option which means that you can filter out those who may add you to groups and give permission to only those whom you approve of.

The other two options - 'my contacts' and 'everyone' - will continue to exist. Group administrators can invite a person to a group using a private invite through an individual chat, giving the user the choice of joining the group.


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