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Reliance Jio has another freebie for users in store

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Reliance Jio has another freebie for users in store

Reliance Jio has another 'freebie' for its users. 

The company is all set to extend the Jio Prime membership worth Rs. 99 for another year. Jio users can avail this extension. To avail the offer, the users need to check if their Prime membership has been extended or not by opening My Jio app in their phone. 

If it is extended, one sees the following message. 

"Your request to avail free Jio Prime membership for a year has been registered successfully. You can now enjoy Jio Prime benefits for another year. Thank you."

Last year too, the Jio had extended the Prime membership of all its existing users for one year. Last year, users had to raise a request in their 'MyJio'app for extension of Jio Prime membership. The Jio prime membership gives free access to Jio apps that include Jio Cinema, Jio Music and Jio TV

However, some of the users say that the extension did not appear in their mobiles/MyJio apps. The extension process seems to be staggered. 

The membership is free for existing members, but the new members have to pay Rs. 99 to get Prime membership. By getting Prime membership, user can avail transferable vouchers and few complimentary offers. 

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