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Poco F2 reduced price of Poco F1 for a while

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Poco F2 reduced price of Poco F1 for a while

Xiaomi's Poco F1 was launched last year. At that time, newspapers touted it as the phone of great value for the price it comes for. After a year that value increased as the price decreased. Now the phone could be grabbed at a much better price than ever before. 


the company is all set to release Poco F2 and it is coming to India soon. Redmi K20 Pro in China will be launched as the Poco F2 in other markets including India. F2 also will be available in three variants as F1. 

Before F2 comes to India, the company needs to clear F1 stock. The basic variant of the phone, which is of 6GB RAM and 54GB storage will be available for Rs. 17,999. The 8GB RAM +256GB storage version will be available for Rs. 24,999 and the same version with armoured edition could be available for Rs. 25,999.

The three models will be available for the reduced price on Flipkart Big Shopping Days sale lasts. the sale will come to an end on May 19. The sale was started on Tuesday and the phones will be available at reduced prices for six days on Flipkart. However, the smartphone buffs are waiting eagerly for Poco F2 too.

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