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Google mapping air quality

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Google mapping air quality

Google Maps; The app has changed things for better in modern living. The technology of Google makes services easier for people. 

Now the company is moving a level higher making things better by mapping air quality. As per the report by Digital Trends, Google has developed "Street View Cars", which basically is a fleet of camera-equipped vehicles. They patrol and photograph streets. The company is using these cars to measure air quality to build a map of air quality. According to Digital Trends, the mapping will be at the hyper-local level of streets. 

After Google started the project, it has gone international. It is not being called as 'Google Project Air View'. Initially, it was started in the US cities like New York and in the State of California, in which Google is based. The project now spread to London, Netherlands and Copenhagen. 

According to Karin Tuxen Bettman, programme manager for Google Earth Outreach, the project is going slowly due to the difficulties in air quality measurement. However, he said that the company wants to make sure that it is doing right. 

How does it work?

The street view cars, which measure air quality are equipped with sensors that have the ability to take multiple readings of air quality. These samples will be collected through an intake tube. This tube is fitted on the car's front bumper. The samples will then be sent to the analytics unit in the car. After that, the data will be sent to Google Cloud where the company analyses and integrates the data into a detailed map. According to the Bettman, the map is growing by the day. 

Google is rolling out 50 more street view cars to expand the project. Tuxen Bettman told the Digital Trends that there are lots of different fleets: delivery fleets, waste management fleets etc. These fleets can deploy the tech and help in sustainability, she asserted. 

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