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Weary Team India hurtling from IPL to World Cup

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Weary Team India hurtling from IPL to World Cup

Indian cricket fans got much entertainment from IPL, but the gruelling grind of the tournament made Indan cricketers weary both physically and mentally and they are now being hurtled to World Cup from IPL. 

Veterans say that more than physical fatigue, players tend to tire mentally. One who regularly followed IPL developments could see that some Indian cricketers appear jaded before they board a flight to  England. Foreign cricketers who were selected to World Cup were released before playoff matches and they find some time before World Cup to be trained to for resting. That is not the case of Indian cricketers. 

In 2009 too, MS Dhoni and co looking weary after IPL-2 in South Africa failed to defend their T20 crown as Team India crashed out in just super-8-stage. 

This time too despite BCCI's assurances to the media that was in talks with franchisees over India's World Cup-bound players'workloads, it seems nothing worked out to be well as all the important players appeared in the playoff matches also. The most concerned part is about fast bowlers. The franchisees used them until the end. A most glaring example is Bumrah, who played in the final and came out with flying colours. His fans are thanking God that he was not injured. In case of injury, there is very much less probability of getting out of it before the World cup as the IPL final was just 18 days away from the commencement of the World Cup. 

Another reason of adjustment and inability to come out of weariness is that the bowlers have to bowl 10 overs in one-dayers against four overs in the T20s. A winning team has to show consistent performance over 13 games, which needs both mental freshness and physical fitness. 

So what Team India is thinking about it?

One key member of the Indian cricket team rubbished the concerns of fatigue on the team's chances. His contention is that the first game faced by India will be on June 5th against South Africa at Southampton. It is 24 days away from IPL final match on May 12 and he feels that gap is enough for players to recover, refresh and be fit. 

As of now, Team India has no fitness concerns for the players selected for the World  Cup.

A BCCI source said that the board is not taking Yo-Yo test for the players as all of them played IPL till the first week of May. The players in the teams knocked out of Playoffs found some extra rest too. 

Selector Kiran More opined that Indian players may not suffer from burnout as they got top physios and trainers in both IPL and the Indian team. 

he was Mumbai Indian's wicketkeeping coach too. So he has a better idea of how teams help players recover from gave fatigue and jet lag. When asked about the pre World Cup camp, More termed it as outdated. He said the camps focus on fitness and when the players have no fitness issues, the need for such camp may not be a necessity he said. He is confident that all IPL franchisees took care of their players well. 

However, there was a disadvantage to India when compared to Pakistan. The neighbouring country team went to England for an ODI series against the hosts and the West Indies. They get better preparation regarding the pitches in that country than India. In that sense, India is lagging back against Pakistan and West Indies who have more touch with the pitches in England before World Cup starts as well as match experience on those pitches. 

However, to overcome that issue, Indian team is going to England and Parthiv Patel, the veteran Wicket Keeper said that 15 days would be enough to recover from IPL and cobble up as a team. Chief Selector MSK Prasad said that 80% of the team is in form. One issue is with Kuldeep Yadav who was dropped by KKR for poor form. Except for that issue, selectors and team management feel that everything is well with Team India. 

Good luck for Team India in World Cup

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