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'End the conflict', says High Court to Telangana government

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'End the conflict', says High Court to Telangana government


In a directive issued to the government, the Telangana High Court asked Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and co. to hold discussions with the striking employees of TSRTC and resolve the issues. 

The court also made its displeasure clear with the government over the mismatch of the information provided in the previous reports and posted the case for hearing on November 11th. 

Ashwatama Reddy, Joint Action Committee of TSRTC Employees' Unions said: "Today senior officials of Telangana government came to the High Court and the court said that the affidavit which was filed by the officials in RTC employees issue is bogus."

"The court also enquired about which report should be taken as the correct one. The report earlier submitted by the Minister in the Assembly or the report which was filed by the officials now. The court has asked the officials to solve the RTC employees issue before November 11," he said.

Meanwhile, the BJP has said that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao should "hang his head in shame" for the degree of punitive statements the High Court has made against his government.

"The Chief Justice himself stated that in his 15 years of service, he has not seen any government as incredible as this one. It's clearly evident that honourable Chief Justice exposed the lies dictated by the Chief Minister in an indirect manner by canning the knuckles of the RTC MD and other secretaries with his pungent remarks," K Krishna Saagar Rao, Chief Spokesperson of BJP in Telangana, said.

The opposition party said that the High Court directive has "once again vindicated BJP's stand right from the beginning that KCR's government is brazenly lying about everything to everyone, including the honourable high court."

The BJP said the Chief Minister should mend his ways and be sensible to end "the pointless drama being played out on hapless RTC employees."


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