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All four accused in Hyderabad rape and murder case shot dead

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All four accused in Hyderabad rape and murder case shot dead


All the four accused in the rape and murder of Hyderabad based veterinarian doctor were killed in an encounter in Hyderabad in the early hours on Friday. 

The accused were taken to the spot of the incident to recreate the incident where they reportedly tried to fire on police and escape. 

DCP Shamshabad Prakash Reddy said, “Cyberabad Police had brought the accused people to the crime spot for re-construction of the sequence of events. The accused snatched weapon and fired on police. In self-defence, the police fired back, in which the accused were killed.”

The father of the veterinarian said, “It has been 10 days to the day my daughter died. I express my gratitude towards the police and the government for this. My daughter's soul must be at peace now.”

Speaking to media, the sister of the Hyderabad vet said, "I am happy the four accused have been killed in an encounter. This incident would set an example. I thank the police and media for their support."

The men, identified as Mohammed (26), Jollu Shiva (20), Jollu Naveen (20) and Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu (20), were arrested on November 29 for allegedly raping and killing the woman by smothering her and later burning her body.



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