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Waheeda opines life imprisonment for rapists

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Waheeda opines life imprisonment for rapists
Not everyone opines immediate death statement is the right punishment for the rapists; legendary actress of Bollywood Waheeda Rehman is not willing to say yes for it. She feels life imprisonment as the right punishment for those brutal and mindless rapists.

This actress from a Tamil and Urdu speaking family voiced her opinion after the news that the four accused from Telangana state on the heinous rape and murder incident. Many voiced and stated condemn towards this barbarous incident that occurred to a 27 year old girl.

When asked about the Encounter killings, Waheeda Rehman opines, “I personally think that heinous crimes like rape are unforgivable but I also feel that we shouldn't be allowed to take somebody's life. We should give them (the rape accused) life imprisonment. We shouldn't follow legal procedure in such cases because when you have caught them red-handed, so why file a case against them? By doing that, you are wasting people's money. So, without any legal procedure, they should be given life imprisonment."

Also the recent comments by a film maker Daniel Shravan who said women must carry condoms to avoid rape. Rape is excusable and murder is not. Such senseless comments were slammed by all the angry netizens and now the posts and his account, both were seemed to be deleted. Such stunt of public attention and whose emotional quotient is poor might also not have satisfied basic emotional needs as well.

In the wake of recent rape incident have taken the nation by storm. In regard to thi incident Waheeda Rehman  gave her opinion saying the rapists must not receive that instant death as their punishment rather it must be a life imprisonment at a photo exhibition she attended.  

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