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Aligarh never elected a Muslim MP

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Aligarh never elected a Muslim MP

Some places go by their names and popularity for wrong things. They would be popular for the points, which they don't have or could not get. One such thing is about Aligarh, a Loksabha constituency in Uttar Pradesh. 

By its name, one could get in mind is about Aligarh Muslim University. The media exposure to that university also made the people outside the constituency or the State think that the area is dominated by Muslims, which is contrary to the fact. 

Muslims constitute only 20 % of the voters in the constituency. They are 3.5 lakh out of 18.83 lakh voters of the famous Loksabha seat. The rest of the voters belong to the castes; Jats, Brahmins, Jatavs, Thakurs or Rajputs, Vaishya, Lodh, Yadav, and Baghel. 

Till now, Aligarh was in news about the controversies in Aligarh Muslim University. 

The clash between the students of the university and the BJP about the anti-India slogans led the police to book 14 youths on sedition charges. A Tiranga yatra also was in news recently, which created the feeling that the imaginary majority of Muslims in that locale was against it. The yatra may be to show it to the students of the university. However, the university is not the only thing the constituency has. 

Another interesting thing is that the Muslim majority district in Uttar Pradesh is Rampur and nobody imagines the seat that way going by its name.

The controversy that erupted about the Jinnah photo in the University also made the Muslim inkling of the constituency. 

Moreover, the people of this constituency never elected a Muslim candidate as their representative in the parliament. The statistics are not clear about the nature of the candidates fielded by political parties in this constituency. 

How did Aligarh vote till now?

The Congress won the first two Lok Sabha elections from Aligarh. In 1962 it voted for a candidate of the Republic Party of India. The Bharatiya Kranti Dal, which later merged with Janata Party won this seat in 1967 and 1971. The then PM Indira Gandhi's popularity was at its peak in those times. Still, the seat went to a non-congress party. The next two elections were won by Janata Party (S), the breakaway faction of Janata Party. However, Congress won this seat in 1984, when the sympathy wave for Rajiv Gandhi deluged all the other parties in the general elections. After that Congress was unable to win that seat for the next 20 years. 

The BJP won this seat five times in a row from 1991 to 2001 Lok Sabha bypoll. Though Congress won this back in 2004, it lost it to the BSP in 2009. BJP won it again in 2014 as Satish Kumar Gautam defeated his BSP rival by about 2.87 lakh votes. Gautam is seeking his election for the second time in this elections. This time BSP pitted Ajeet Baliyan and Congress fielded MP Bijendra Singh. 

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