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'YSRCP has stalled Amaravati', says Naidu as World Bank cancels the loan

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'YSRCP has stalled Amaravati', says Naidu as World Bank cancels the loan

Lashing out at Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy and his party YSRCP, Chandrababu Naidu blamed them of negligence as World Bank canceled a loan of $300 million towards the construction of various projects in Amaravati.

"The negligence of the YSRCP leaders led to the World Bank withdrawing its loan proposal. From the beginning, they instigated and provoked farmers and even filed false cases. Finally, they have brought Amaravati to a standstill," tweeted Naidu.

Naidu also accused Jagan of being callous on this matter for not discussing a matter of such importance in the ongoing assembly sessions. "They are running away from the Assembly instead of discussing these issues. If the government itself runs away from the public's problems, then who can people trust?" questioned Naidu. 

Earlier on Friday, the news spread of World Bank dropping on the funding of Amaravati projects which lead to a huge uproar in the state. A blame game ensued where TDP camp accused YSRCP of its callousness while YSRCP countered that the funding was dropped due to the irregularities and corruptions of the previous TDP government. The World Bank in its statement said that the funding was put in the 'dropped' status due to a request from the Ministry of Finance, Government of India.

The entire project's estimated cost was $715 million which the then TDP government had sought from the World Bank. However, the bank approved of only $300 million which stands canceled now. 

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