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'YSRCP failed', says Pawan as Janasena releases 100-day report

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'YSRCP failed', says Pawan as Janasena releases 100-day report


Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan issued a detailed document on behalf of his party on the occasion of YSRCP government completing their 100 days at power.

"People have invested a lot of faith in the new government formed after the elections. We have given enough time to the government to see whether it is moving forward as per people's needs and aspirations. The new government has failed to resolve the people's concerns in 100 days. The administration is not running in a planned manner," Pawan Kalyan said in a statement, in his opening remarks. 

"There are disappointments in every sector including education, agriculture, housing and economic development. People have come to a conclusion in the last five years that Amaravati is the capital of new state. The ruling party's attitude towards the capital city is detrimental to the development. It is not fair," he added.

Speaking about the YSRCP's decisions on the Polavaram project, Pawan said, "They are encouraging additional burden to the exchequer and abnormal delay in the project works, which can be avoidable."

"It is not our policy to make political allegations day in and day out, criticising the administration. We have collected complete details analytically and we are placing the truth in front of the people authoritatively. We express our dissent over the attitude of the government is not maintaining transparency and promoting its hidden agenda in every issue," Pawan added.

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