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YSRCP faces ire for replacing tricolour with party colours

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YSRCP faces ire for replacing tricolour with party colours


A picture surfaced on social media on Tuesday drawing a great ire towards the ruling YSRCP from all the quarters. The image that went viral on social media had the tricolour on Pulivendula Panchayat building being removed and repainted with the YSRCP colours.

Accusing the YSRCP of disrespecting the tricolour, netizens and opposition leaders questioned the YSRCP and Jaganmohan Reddy in particular whether their loyalty lies more towards their party or the nation. 

Taking to Twitter, leader of the opposition, N Chandrababu Naidu the picture with the tweet :

"I have never seen our National Tricolour being utterly disrespected like this! @ysjagan’s government must apologise for this shocking, abominable act of replacing tricolour with YSRC party colours #YSRCPDisrespectsTricolour."

BJP also lashed out at Jaganmohan Reddy on the issue with party president Kanna Laxminarayana stating that apart from painting the state with their party colours, the Jaganmohan Reddy government has done little since coming to power. 

However, the officials who ordered the repainting claimed that they were simply following the orders given by Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Commissioner, M Girija Shankar. 

According to the directive, all panchayat buildings will have to be painted in YSRCP party colour along with a photo of Jaganmohan Reddy on the panchayat nameplate.

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