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Will Police clamp down on the cockfights?

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Will Police clamp down on the cockfights?

Come Sankranthi and the whole of AP is engulfed in the festive spirit. The festivities in the East and West Godavari districts along with Krishna district is something that must be witnessed by everyone. One of the major attractions of the harvest festival is the cock fights which has attracted a lot of attention from animal lovers, animal protection agencies such as PETA and even the Supreme Court. 

In January last year, Supreme Court dismissed a plea against the order of Hight Court of Andhra Pradesh. The High Court of AP had imposed a ban on such activities which angered a lot of people who cited cockfights as a part of their tradition and that the ruling was a violation of their rights.  

Despite such rulings from the apex courts and serious orders issued by the law enforcement agencies, these cockfights continue to take place openly, largely due to political pressure as a large number of pubic representatives themselves take part in the betting on these games. The police have also started issuing notices to all the corners to prevent people from organising such activities.

This year though the police is claiming that won’t tolerate any such activities and immediate seizure of cocks, cash and arrests of all those who are a part of this would be done.

"As of now we have made nearly 100 arrests and several persons were served with notices”, said Additional SP, East Godavari Sridhar Rao. 

"Section 144 has been imposed on certain places keeping past incidents in view. We are also considering the use of drone cameras. We are planning to use drone cameras keeping in view the diverse geographic locations where these cockfights take place,” he added. 

The cockfights have been listed as illegal under the AP Gaming Act, 1974 and Cruelty of Animals Act 1960.  However, over the past few years, not much has been done in this respect as a largen number of MPs and MLAs themselves are either organisers or participants of the games.

With elections approaching, many are predicting that the government would not look to make any hasty decisions as they need to appease every one and not make any fresh enemies at this juncture.


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