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‘Who’s In Power In Maharashtra and Centre? Questions Naidu

17-09-201817-09-2018 05:30:00 IST
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‘Who’s In Power In Maharashtra and Centre? Questions Naidu

A day after BJP president Amit Shah denied BJP’s involvement in the warrants issued against Chandrababu Naidu, the AP CM lashed out and called Shah’s defence weak.

Accusing the BJP of playing cheap tricks to corner him, Naidu said that he won’t be deterred by false allegations and that people will give BJP the perfect answer for their arrogance. He also rubbished the claims of Shah that BJP had nothing to do with the warrants and pointed out that it is BJP who’s in power in both Maharashtra and Centre and they are misusing their power. 

Naidu said that BJP was a party that is shielding crooks, corrupt and criminals and doing a witch hunt against people who are doing some good to people. He added that he will speak directly in assembly over the Babli project issue. 

“The northern parts of Telangana would have been severely hit by drought due to Babli project and in order to prevent such a situation, I protested over the construction,” said Naidu speaking at Kondaveeti Vaagu flood water pumping project’s innauguration.

“I had the people’s support and seeing that, the police had to release me. Now, BJP is trying to bring back that issue just to corner me as they have no other way to defeat me,” added Naidu.

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