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Who will take the burden of Polavaram, KVP questions CM Naidu

07-05-201907-05-2019 16:08:57 IST
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Who will take the burden of Polavaram, KVP questions CM Naidu

A letter from Rajyasabha member KVP Ramachandra Rao to Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu is creating reverberations as it claims that State government agreed to stomach the extra budge on Polavaram project's new estimates.

KVP further demanded Babu to release a white paper on the Polavaram project. He further stated in the letter that the increase of estimates of Polavaram project by AP was not accepted by the central government. As a consequence, the State government headed by Babu agreed to take that burden and it amounts to Rs. 28,467 cr. 

Though CM Naidu knew this, he did not reveal it to the people, KVP alleged in his letter. 

KVP in his letter demanded the AP government that it should file counter affidavit in High Court that Central government should meet the total expenditure of the project. However, instead of doing that Babu is being indulged in personal attacks on the people who criticise him.

Though this happened 18 months back, the State government did not explore the legal options all these days and also did not reveal the real issues to the people of Andhra Pradesh. 

KVP stated that he can't stoop down to the levels of CM Naidu. If it happens, Babu can't withstand him, he warned. He also challenged CM Naidu and Minister Devineni Uma for a public discussion on Polavaram. 

Minister Uma responded angrily to KVP's letter and found wrong with KVP's details. He asked the Rajyasabha member to feel shy over the records the Polavaram created during its construction. He alleged that KVP looted so much money on the name of Jalayagnam and it is ignorance of him to write a letter on Polavaram to CM Naidu. He questioned KVP, why he did not bother about the hurdles created by the central government to grant funds for the Polavaram project. 

KVP too reacted to statement of the irrigation minister. He compared the Minister to the one who doesn't know the primary details of the Polavaram project. He reiterated his demand for a white paper and again demanded CM and Minister duo to come to open discussion on Polavaram project. He made it clear that the Minister did not read the letter before making allegations on him. KVP said that he stands by his information and comments on Polavaram and it is up to CM and Minister to clarify them. 

Whatever may be the situation, the heat on Polavaram has no signs of subsiding. 

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