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‘We Take Responsibility’, says DGP

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‘We Take Responsibility’, says DGP
Taking full responsibility of the killings of Araku MLA Sarveswara Rao and his colleague and former MLA Siveri Soma, Andhra Pradesh DGP RP Thakur attributed the killings to lack of coordination.

Speaking about the killings Thakur said, “It is an act of cowardice by the Maoists. I have met with officers and discussed how they carried out the killing. We will take strict action against the culprit. There will be no softness there. We have formed a special investigation team with a SP-rank officer to ascertain what exactly happened.”

“As of now, the SIT team is probing all angles and we can’t say failure of police or not till then...Intelligence, Greyhounds (an elite anti-Naxal force) work under me. So yes, we take the responsibility. We can’t dismiss it and say that nothing has happened. We will do something”, he added when questioned whether Police could have done something to prevent the attack.

The police have already released a list of accused along with their photos. The main accused Aruna heads the Nandapur Area Committee on Andhra Odisha border and police have started hunt for all the accused involved.

Their activity has decreased and incidents of violence have also decreased, but it is an ongoing battle. They make plans like we make plans. They have been planning attacks of revenge on the police. We have credible information about this. One or two times, we missed the attack by a whisker. We also took precaution and escaped,” said Thakur on a possible attack of revenge on police

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