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'Waterman of India' claims Srisailam dam in danger, govt denies

22-11-201922-11-2019 13:13:37 IST
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'Waterman of India' claims Srisailam dam in danger, govt denies


Andhra Pradesh Irrigation Minister Anil Kumar Yadav has dismissed the reports that stated that the Srisailam Project is unsafe and structurally unsound due to lack of maintenance. The statement from Yadav comes after 'Waterman of India' Rajendra Singh visited the Srisailam Dam and pointed out that it needs repair works as it's currently 'unsafe'.

Yadav meanwhile has said that he has got in touch with the Irrigation department officials and has also got a report from them on the structural condition of the dam. He added that there is nothing to worry about and that the government will take up maintenance work if required. 

"The Minister appealed not to create unnecessary suspicions and myths among people over the safety and maintenance of the dam," the statement said.

Meanwhile, Magsaysay Award winner Rajendra Singh who is a known water conservationist and an environmentalist on his visit to the dam on Wednesday observed certain issues with the dam which were caused by various environmental and structural factors. Singh had pointed out that the recent floods had caused damage to the firm and the area where the dam water is collected also started eroding. The local engineers pointed out to Singh that if the plunging pool (the area where water is collected) continues eroding, then it could cause dangers to the foundation of the dam.

Rajendra Singh also noted during his visit, that an amount of Rs 60 crore was needed for the repair of the dam.


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