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Village in Andhra faces social boycott

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Village in Andhra faces social boycott

A village in Andhra Pradesh is facing social boycott after rumors of two people died due to swine flu had spread in other villages. The doctors who tested these people for swine flu had confirmed that the results were negative and that they didn't die of swine flu, but the confirmation has not helped the village from being boycotted.

The doctors also confirmed that the deaths were due to cardiac arrest and that they would be making an announcement clarifying the same to the people of other villages.

Both men were from a village named Chiltakollu and so the people of this village are not allowed to enter other villages. The people Chiltakollu say that basic needs like water, milk, and food are not being delivered to their village.

The district collector has sent a team of doctors to clarify the doubts of the people and if the situation still persists appropriate action will be taken.

There have been several deaths both in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana over the past few months.

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