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'Stop all payments', AP government directs Vishakhapatnam authorities

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'Stop all payments', AP government directs Vishakhapatnam authorities

The Andhra Pradesh state government has directed the Visakhapatnam district administration to stop all payments excluding salaries and pensions, due to the severe financial crisis the government is posed with. The first quarter of the 2019-20 financial year has seen a gigantic turn down in receipts for the state.


The district administrations are diverting funds to meet emergency expenditure. There are a large number of bills pending with the treasury and accounts departments. Some departments have not paid for the expenses made during the general elections such as car rentals. Several departments have been requesting the government to release funds to clear pending bills. The Vizag district administration availed of cab services at Rs 60,000 per car per month and there is no hint of payment even after 5 months.


BM Patrudu, President of Visakha District Cab Owners and Drivers Association said, “Officials say that not only car rentals but also several other bills are pending, due to the lack of funds.” A senior official of the treasury department said, “Due to the huge gap in receipts, the government is facing a difficult time to settle various expenditures. Salaries and pensions are the priority and are being cleared. It is true that several bills submitted during the tenure of the Telugu Desam government are pending.”



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