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Shock in store for Bhuma family or a reprieve?

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Shock in store for Bhuma family or a reprieve?

The family history of Bhuma Nagireddy has been interwoven with politics of Kurnool district. However, after the death of Shobha and Nagi Reddy, two successors emerged from the family. Akhilapriya was elected from Allagadda after the demise of her mother and Brahmananda Reddy won Nandyala By election after the demise of his uncle Nagi Reddy.

Even in 2019, these two scions of Bhuma family got tickets as TDP candidates in Allagadda and Nandyala constituencies. The sister-brother due was fighting elections without their parents for the first time in these elections. In Nandyala by-election too, their parents were absent, but at that time, the election was only for Nandyala and not for Allagadda. Now both constituencies are going for polling with Sister, brother duo facing elections in the absence of their parents. However, this time their opponents also hail from familiar families in the constituency and the district.

Bijendranath Reddy, son of Gangula Prabhakar Reddy contested on YSRCP ticket against Akhilapriya in Allagadda. Gangula family has credibility in this constituency as good as that of Bhuma's family. After 1985, though Bhuma family dominated elections, the hold of Gangula family is no less as the contest would be tight irrespective of the winner. Akhilapriya has some sympathy in voters alongside the arrogant image. Hence, whoever wins may win with just a threadbare majority. 

Coming to Nandyala, Bhuma Brahmananda Reddy won in the by-election with a huge majority. However, in the general elections, he is riding against the tide as Silpa Ravichandra Kishore Reddy, the son of Silpa Mohan Reddy, has put up a tough fight. TDP is facing negative wave in the constituency as all the promises made during by-election were not fulfilled. Though Silpa family never gave a tough fight to Bhuma's family here, this time it is banking on the sympathy that they lost too many times against the Bhuma family. However, observers say that Janasena candidate Sridhar Reddy may play a spoilsport for TDP as he would get the votes that were polled to TDP as part of the alliance. However, nobody is sure of the nature of the split of votes in the constituency. Sridhar Reddy belongs to SPY Reddy family. Whose votes the Janasena candidate gets, decides the victory of one of the rival candidates. If that happens, Bhuma family may lose a seat out of two held by them.

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