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Senior AIS officers opt for central services?

16-04-201916-04-2019 18:10:44 IST
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Senior AIS officers opt for central services?

The All India Services officers who were crucial in Andhra Pradesh Government in the last five years are planning to go to central services. According to sources in Secretariat, some select officers are sure of a change of government in the state and thus applying for central services.

AP DGP RP Thakur, Principal Secretary Ajay Jain, CMO Secretary Girija Shankar are the ones who could be on the frontline to go to central services. The officers like CRDA Commissioner Ch.Sridhar also may try the same if the situation favours them. However, in the absence of version of the select officers, the real reason is not known, but the talk about a change of government at the state and the clarity about the results that could be on May 23rd seems to be making them feel jittery. 

Some question why the officers think the other way when they could be non-focal for some time and then make friends with the new dispensation?

It seems they feel discomfort about the probable investigation Chandrababu Naidu may face if TDP loses in AP. To be out of those feared investigations or to be on the safe side, the offices feel that central services would be the best bet for them. 

The officers like CRDA Commissioner Ch. Sridhar, ex-intelligence DG AB Venkateswara Rao, Special Chief Secretary Satish Chandra, CMO Secretary Girija Shankar may not find enough elbow space to deal with Jagan, say political circles. 

Most of the AIS offices prefer to work cordially with the party and person in power. However, that adjustments could not be given to some of the officers in the dispensation if it is headed by YCP Chief Jaganmohan Reddy, say some sources. The officers could be of the opinion that they cannot coordinate with him. 

However, the feelings of the officers have not been confirmed yet and the news and could not be corroborated, but news leaks out of the government and political parties are trending against some crucial officers in the dispensation.

This indicates that some officers and political experts strongly feel that YCP would take reins of AP after May 23rd.

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