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Return gift; what is it like and affects whom? - 1

23-04-201923-04-2019 18:02:16 IST
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Return gift; what is it like and affects whom? - 1

In the present politics of Telugu States, there is no other popular word than 'return gift'. The word, which was coined first by Telangana CM KCR to warn AP CM Chandrababu for allying with Congress to defeat TRS in Telangana was understood by common folk in many forms. Some said that it means KCR helps somebody who ensures the defeat of Babu but some said that he will really give return gift for Babu for defeating Congress by allying with it. 

After that, even the opposition party YSRCP leaders started telling that return gift for Chandrababu was ready. However, these statements got befitting reply from Babu, who termed the return gift as a positive vote from the voters.

However, the situation was not the same after the elections for CM Naidu. Observers say that return gift is making Babu jittery as he is apprehensive of voting pattern of women. TDP, which laid down welfare schemes in the last six months of its tenure, was confident that it would win over elections as the people receive the benefits just before and during the elections. 

TDP even advertised that way depicting CM Naidu as a big brother or elder son of every family in the State. The advertisements concluded with women pledging their vote to TDP and Chandranna (CM Naidu). Chandrababu too frequently exuded the confidence of getting votes of women, whom he termed as sisters by giving them Rs. 10,000 in the form of Pasupu- Kumkuma (turmeric and Vermillion, which are holy for women in India).

He campaigned in elections with welfare schemes: 'pasupu kunkuma', old age pensions, farmer welfare scheme; Annadaata Sukhibhava as his trump cards. Consequently, women thronged polling booths in big numbers. This made Chandrababu feel that they voted for TDP. However, there was a different angle for the same story of return gift. This time it could be from women of AP to Chandrababu.

As per the political analysts, women are angry over Chandrababu Naidu as he promised to waive DWACRA loans but did not do the same completely. That resulted in accumulation of interest on loans and most of the women Self Help Groups (DWACRA) have around Rs. 2 lacs to pay. While they have to pay the pending loan that needs to be waived by CM Naidu as per his word before elections, he did not do it and gave just Rs. 10,000 in the name of Pasupu Kumkuma. The opposition claims that pasupu kunkuma campaign enraged already sulking women voters as their loans were not waived as per the promise and made them vote against TDP. 

Victory is a historical need for both TDP and YSRCP as a defeat at this juncture may result in the disappearance of that party in five years. With all the surveys and reports favourable to Jagan's party, YSRCP, the meetings of Babu are being dull as leaders are not confident of their victory. 

Even the leaders who are supposed to be strong in their respective constituencies are not confident. The instance of Chintamaneni Prabhakar, MLA of Denduluru in West Godavari district agreeing before select media persons that he is facing opposition in his constituency makes clear about the situation. 

(To be continued)

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