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Re-polling in two polling centers in Nellore district?

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Re-polling in two polling centers in Nellore district?

Repolling in two polling centres in Nellore district?

Nellore: Two polling centres could go for repolling in the district. As per the information from the sources, election commission decided to conduct repolling but the orders have not yet reached the district officials. On the polling day there was no violence and confusion in the district. 

No political party tried to disrupt the polling, but election commission decided to conduct repolling in two centres with the reports from the district collector. AP's Chief electoral Officer GK Dwivedi announced that on Wednesday. 

On Monday VVPAT slips found near polling booths 133 and 134 of Atmakur Constituency and it created a commotion. 

District Election Officer Collector investigated the incident and sent a report to the CEO. 

He was told that the VVPAT slips found were the ones used for Mock Polling, but they should be burned, but they were thrown without being made into ashes. This stirred controversy about safety of EVMs.
However, CEO declared that repolling would be conducted in two polling centres, but they are not yet announced, said Collector Mutyala Raju.

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