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Polavaram works to start from November

06-08-201906-08-2019 11:32:05 IST
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Polavaram works to start from November


AP Irrigation Minister Anil Kumar Yadav announced that all works related to Polavaram Project will resume from November 1st.  Anil also blamed Chandrababu Naidu- led TDP government's failure to rehabilitate the families affected by the project and said that this failure was the main reason for the slow progress in the project works.

“In the first three years of the previous term, hardly any work was done. They could have at least rehabilitated these 3,000 families, it would have just cost them Rs 2,900 crore. If they hadn’t ignored it, these families wouldn’t have been affected so badly by floods now,” said Anil.   

“There has been no scope to continue work in the past few days due to floods. This will continue until October. We will certainly begin work from November 1 definitely after reverse tendering,” he added saying that the termination of the Navayuga Engineering Company Limited's contract would not cause any delays and infact will speed up the work.

He added that meanwhile, the government will use this time to address irregularities and corrupt practices in the project. The minister also straight away denied any possibility of the government paying compensation to Navayuga Engineering Company Limited, which was earlier roped in for the project.

“The cement, steel and diesel have all been paid for by the government upfront. Machinery has been leased out. The contract with Navayuga is just a labour contract,” said Anil Kumar, saying there was no reason for providing compensation. 

Commenting on the Centre’s concerns over the termination of the Navayuga contract, Anil Kumar said, “We understand their concerns about cost escalations. The project is funded by the Central government. But we will go for a transparent tendering process with the same base price as in the past. We will try to reduce costs, but there’s no way they will go up.”

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