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Pawan Kalyan is welcome to join BJP: GVL

05-12-201905-12-2019 13:23:06 IST
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Pawan Kalyan is welcome to join BJP: GVL


Responding to Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan's statement that he had not moved away from BJP and harboured respect for Home Minister Amit Shah, BJP's Rajya Sabha MP GVL Narasimha Rao said that Pawan was welcome to join BJP.

Welcoming Pawan to consider joining BJP, Rao said that any regional party which identifies with BJP's ideology can merge with them. 

"Pawan Kalyan has claimed that he never moved away from the BJP, that he stands with us. TDP leaders have made similar statements, that they respect the party’s central leadership, that they respect Amit Shah. The same TDP leaders have pelted stones and said negative things about the Prime Minister and Amit Shah. There seems to have been a change of heart now, they are saying pleasant things. If there has indeed been a transformation, regional parties are welcome to join us," said Rao.

Rao was also quick to point out that in fact, BJP had invited Janasena to form an alliance before the 2019 polls which Pawan had then refused. 

"His comments now seem like he is willing to work with us. But it shouldn’t be just for political gain. But it shouldn't be just for political reasons, to climb on our shoulders to dodge bullets. There are still four-and-a-half years left for elections in Andhra Pradesh. If they’re really willing to join us, I am even ready to take initiative. But if they’re only doing it for immediate political gains, it’s not like we will not understand that," he said. 

In the 2014 elections, JSP had supported the BJP-TDP alliance. However, by 2019, both the JSP and TDP had exited the NDA. In 2019, JSP contested the elections in an alliance with the BSP, CPI and CPI(M).

The BJP leader, however, was quick to condemn Pawan's recent statements on Hindu leaders inciting violence and claimed that the statement was made with a political intention.

"Pawan Kalyan has said that the reason for communal violence is Hindu leaders, that Hindus are reason for religious tolerance. There are political motives behind these statements. He must take them back and promise people that he will not make such mistakes in the future, alleged Rao.

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