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Pawan Kalyan ‘double standards’ on Amaravati lands

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Pawan Kalyan ‘double standards’ on Amaravati lands

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan was once again seen in the thick of things in Andhra Pradesh politics. It’s been a familiar practice for the Power Star-turned-politician to go into hibernation and suddenly make an odd appearance in public.

Repeating the same, Pawan Kalyan was suddenly seen jumping into the Amaravati capital lands muddle on Friday. He is on a two-day tour of the capital region to fight against what is being speculated as the possible shifting of the capital from Amaravati.

Expressing his opposition in principle to the idea of shifting the capital, Pawan Kalyan lashed out at Chief Minister Y S Jaganmohan Reddy for turning this into a ‘political game’. Referring to Minister Botsa Satyanaranayana’s recent comments on the issue, he wanted the state government to clear the air on the YSRCP government’s real intentions – whether they will retain the capital in Amaravati or shift it to elsewhere.

Pawan Kalyan also threatened to take his party’s agitation to any lengths if the farmers and land owners of the capital region are given a raw deal. He asserted that he would even meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah on this issue.

All this sounded like music to the ears until he touched upon this ‘particular’ aspect of the capital lands. In his usual flow, Pawan Kalyan claimed that his party had also spoken against the land acquisition taken up by the previous TDP regime invoking the land acquisition act. His claim that ‘he stood solidly behind the farmers of the capital region then and will do the same even now’ is beginning to backfire.

This revived the memories of protests by Jana Sena, especially its chief Pawan Kalyan, in the capital region a few years ago. After raising the pitch against Chandrababu Naidu’s plans in the previous TDP government to invoke the land acquisition act to forcibly acquire the lands, Pawan Kalyan’s campaign soon ended in a whimper. All the hype that he created by meeting the affected farmers merely ended as a token protest with the Jana Sena chief turning cold and falling silent on the issue in the subsequent months.

More importantly, Pawan Kalyan was nowhere in the scene to protest when the TDP government brazenly invoked the land acquisition act at least four times, thus exposing his lack of commitment to the issue.

The YSRCP has quickly latched on to this issue to hit back at Pawan Kalyan on his ‘hypocrisy on the capital lands’. Party’s Mangalagiri MLA Aalla Ramakrishna Reddy said that it has been a habit for the Jana Sena chief to speak in two different voices for the sake of ‘packages from Chandrababu Naidu’.

He lashed out at Pawan Kalyan for claiming irregularities during his visit to Bethapudi village. Ramakrishna Reddy dared the actor-politician to first expose all the scandals of the Chandrababu Naidu regime if he is really committed to the farmers’ cause in the capital region.

The Mangalagiri MLA was also baffled by the double standards of Pawan Kalyan on the issue. He wanted to know why the Jana Sena refused to field its candidate in Mangalagiri if he was so concerned about the farmers’ lands.

“Jana Sena can hide behind its alliance with the Left Parties who were allotted the Mangalagiri seat. But, what had really stopped Pawan Kalyan from campaigning in Mangalagiri in support of the Left candidate? The truth is, Pawan Kalyan gave away the seat to the Left to secretly help Nara Lokesh in the election. This is the reason why, he did not even campaign in Mangalagiri.

“Every farmer in the capital region is aware of how Pawan Kalyan tried his level best to help Lokesh’s cause in the elections. No one is taking Pawan Kalyan’s visit seriously now. He suddenly comes out of the cocoon after staying away from the scene for so long,” Ramakrishna Reddy commented.

Fighting for the cause of capital region farmers is commendable but Pawan Kalyan needs to watch some of his statements purely because they end up contradicting the stand he had taken in the past.

-Durga Prasad Kanamaluru

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