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‘Paid actor’ reveals plot to defame Jagan govt

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‘Paid actor’ reveals plot to defame Jagan govt

Sekhar Chowdary, a small-time paid artiste, was detained by the Andhra Pradesh police based on a spree of complaints accusing him of carrying out a fake campaign with the intention of defaming the Y S Jaganmohan Reddy government.

He was detained on Sunday and was being interrogated to extract information on what was the motive behind the false propaganda and who were all behind this ‘orchestrated’ campaign. He is a native of Vemuru in Guntur district.

A recent video featuring Sekhar Chowdary at the height of the flood havoc in Krishna and Guntur districts became controversial and went viral on the social media. The small-time actor was seen in the attire of a farmer in the video venting out his fury over the Y S Jaganmohan Reddy government for what he claimed as its ‘total failure in managing the crisis’.

He was also seen going a step further launching a personal attack against Jagan and abusing Irrigation Minister Anil Kumar Yadav in the name of his caste. The manner in which he launched the tirade against the YSRCP government using the floods issue as a pretext raised suspicions on the actual motive behind it.

As things turn out, Chowdary reportedly confessed to have ‘enacted’ the negative propaganda in the guise of a farmer as part of a plot to defame the YSRCP government. He was reported to have revealed that many other people like him were being used by the opposition TDP in this conspiracy. The opposition party is yet to react to set the record straight on this revelation.

Interestingly, Sekhar Chowdary was one of the many ‘actors’ that featured in the torrent of audio-visual advertisements that the TDP came up with as part of its campaign material before the recent polls.

Apart from Sekhar Chowdary, several other actors were also used in the latest flood-related videos that were spread on the social media platforms. In one of the videos, a woman posing as a flood victim, was seen taking the Jaganmohan Reddy government to task even as a makeup man was seen in the background allegedly readying another ‘actor’ for the purpose.

This has busted the whole scandal in a big way helping the furious cadres of the YSRCP take full advantage of it. Latest reports suggest that three others were also rounded up in this connection based on information provided by Sekhar Chowdary.

Armed with the several complaints that were lodged across the state and also the confessional statement of Sekhar Chowdary, the AP police are now looking to zero in on the bigger players in the conspiracy besides the ‘mastermind’ who plotted the alleged fake campaign against the YSRCP government. Regardless of what eventually comes out of this, the incident pushes the TDP into a tight corner making it extremely difficult to wriggle out of this ‘mess’.

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