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Naidu joins hands with Rahul

24-11-201824-11-2018 13:31:33 IST
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Naidu joins hands with Rahul

The chief minister of AP, N Chandrababu is on a mission to oust BJP in 2019 elections. He has formed a very uncanny alliance with the Congress. He met Rahul Gandhi to take the movement forward.

Chandrababu had addressed the media by saying institutions like the IT, CBI, RBI are under threat under BJP's rule. So everyone who wants to save the democracy should come together to defeat the BJP.

The last time TDP chief Chandrababu met Rahul Gandhi was at the Karnataka chief minister's swearing-in ceremony. When asked about the face of the alliance Naidu said that they were not interested in the candidates they were more interested in the nation. Democracy is in a problem and we need to preserve it they said.

The Congress, TDP and the other parties in the alliance are very confident of forming an alliance which can dislodge the Modi government in the 2019 elections.

Senior leaders like Pawar said that all our security institutions are under attack, under the BJP's rule all the parties should come together to save democracy. We can only save democracy by forming an alliance and defeating the BJP. They would be chalking out a plan after the meeting.



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