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Naidu hits back at KCR for 'dirty politician' remark

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Naidu hits back at KCR for 'dirty politician' remark

AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu lashed out at his Telangana counterpart KCR for his comments and adviced him to maintain the dignity of his position. Naidu added that the people of Telanagana will give a suitable response to KCR in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.   

"Politicians should maintain dignity and decorum in their words too. The language KCR used was filthy. Civic society won't accept it. This is not a good way. Everybody has a mouth. Everybody can speak. Persons in power should be much more dignified. Where did KCR come from? Is it not the TDP that gave you political life? Did you not work as a minister in my Cabinet? After launching Telangana movement, did you not join hands with the Congress and contest elections? In 2009, did you not ally with the TDP despite my opposing you? Then, you pleaded for the alliance," questioned Naidu.

Naidu was responding to the comments made by KCR in his camp office on Saturday, where at a press conference, KCR termed Naidu as 'without a doubt, the dirtiest politician in India'. KCR went on to describe Naidu as a 'rakshasa' and an extremely corrupt individual. 

KCR in his press conference had also accused Naidu of being a 'polictical manager' by citing the example of Nandamuri Suhasini. 'He fielded her in the elections just to gain on sympathy. Now that the lady has lost, I's sure Naidu will ignore her a her purpose is lost' KCR was quoted saying..

Naidu in his interaction with media said that KCR is trying to overthrow the government in AP by aligning with Narendra Modi and YSRCP and that he is all set to face any competition in the upcoming polls.

“I will not object if KCR comes to Andhra Pradesh for election campaigning and the BJP, the TRS and the YSRCP form an alliance in the state. People will deliver their verdict,” Naidu declared.

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