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Naidu goes to flood victims; ends up threatening them..!

22-08-201922-08-2019 11:54:21 IST
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Naidu goes to flood victims; ends up threatening them..!
Fuming, frowning and bullying others into silence have been the classic traits of TDP president and former chief minister Chandrababu Naidu’s political offensive. Be it media, critics, political adversaries or anguished people, the veteran politician was seen using this tactic against them on many occasions and with great effect.

Naidu was seen indulging in the bullying game once again on Wednesday during his visit to flood-affected areas of Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh. Carrying on with his initiative for a second straight day after coming back from Hyderabad, the TDP chief toured the mandals of Bhattiprole and Kolluru.

While enquiring with the flood-affected people, he launched into an all-out attack on the YS Jaganmohan Reddy government. Even as he was in full flow squarely blaming Jagan for ‘intentionally causing the floods’, he was interrupted by slogans of ‘Jai Jagan’ coming from the crowd.

Shocked and infuriated by this, Naidu quickly turned his guns from Jagan to the people present there. Lashing out at them for their behaviour, he threatened them with “dire consequences if they indulged in slogan-shouting instead of getting their elected representatives work for their immediate needs.” Naidu’s fit of rage, coming especially at a sensitive time and even prompting him to attack the flood victims, has left the TDP leaders running for cover.

With this unexpected turn of events, the TDP chief’s plan to gain some political mileage out of the flood situation seemed to have completely backfired.

Chandrababu was in his elements when he attacked Jaganmohan Reddy for being away in the US while leaving the state to dogs at such a distressing time for the people. However, he appeared to have got carried away a bit too much in accusing the YSRCP government of its failure to come to the rescue of the flood victims.

When Naidu alleged that ministers, MLAs and other ruling party leaders had prevented people in Potharlanka in Kolluru mandal from reaching their homes and left them on the roads, it was immediately resisted by the people present there. They not only refuted this and even informed Naidu that all their immediate necessities including food and shelter were being well taken care of by the government. A medical camp was also being conducted to ensure there is no epidemic in the floods aftermath, they said.

The flood victims themselves expressing satisfaction over the Jagan government’s intiatives had angered Naidu to no end. Even as he tried to attack the ruling party leaders for ‘their attempts to gag him’, a few in the crowd began shouting slogans in favour of Jagan. Unable to contain his emotions, the former chief minister ended up issuing a stern warning to the people, using words like ‘be careful’ and ‘khabaddhaar’.

Soon realizing his mistake, the TDP chief tried to deflect the attention by inviting the people to enlighten him about the local issues. But with the locals picking out their former TDP MLA and minister Nakka Anand Babu and squarely blaming his unabated illegal sand mining for the present flooding, Naidu had no option but to beat a hasty retreat.

The entire episode of Naidu going to the flood-affected people and ending up threatening them in a fit of rage had left a bad taste in the mouth, not just for political observers but even for some within the TDP. The incident soon had people commenting that the TDP chief appears to be still under the illusion of being the chief minister of the state and that he is far from mending his ways in ill-treating common public, which they feel, has added to his downfall in the recent elections.

-Durga Prasad Kanamaluru

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