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Muslims are shareholders, not tenants in India: Owaisi

01-06-201901-06-2019 12:55:09 IST
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Muslims are shareholders, not tenants in India: Owaisi

Stating that Muslims are shareholders and not tenants in India, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi on Friday said they will continue to fight to get the rights guaranteed by the country's Constitution. The Hyderabad MP brushed off the fears about BJP retaining power at the Centre. 

Owaisi was addressing 'Jalsa Youmul Quran' at the historic Mecca Masjid here on the occasion of 'Jumatul Vida' or last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan.

The All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen chief said winning over 300 seats did not mean Prime Minister Narendra Modi can snatch the Constitutional rights of the minorities.

"Muslims are Hissedaar (shareholder) and not Kirayedaar (tenants) in India. They are equal citizens of this country and they can't be denied the rights guaranteed to them by the Constitution," he said.

Owaisi, who was re-elected from Hyderabad for a fourth consecutive term, said his party would continue to fight for the due share and rights of Muslims, Dalits and other oppressed people.

Stressing the need for unity among Muslims and the need to carry Dalits along, Owaisi termed Prakash Ambedkar as his "elder brother". He said the alliance with his party in Maharashtra enabled the AIMIM to win the Aurangabad Lok Sabha seat.

Owaisi said Muslims need not get scared by the victory of BJP as the Constitution of India remained supreme and it makes no difference who was in power.

The AIMIM leader said the series of incidents of beating up of Muslims in the name of cow or wearing skull cap during the last few years were aimed at creating fear among Muslims. He said that history shows Muslims never gave up their belief and identity even in the face of worst excesses.

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