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Modi's conspiracy too done good?

24-04-201924-04-2019 18:51:06 IST
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Modi's conspiracy too done good?

During and after the recently concluded general elections in Andhra Pradesh, CM Chandrababu Naidu repeatedly alleged that PM Modi conspired against him and the state to defeat TDP in elections. 

The words of CM Naidu resulted in a fear psychosis in the cadre and they started feeling the defeat from the day of polling. However, lately, confidence is increasing in TDP leaders as CM is reviewing with candidates. He is also getting reports from field level. In some constituencies, he is even getting reports booth-wise to estimate the pattern of voting. After reviewing the reports, CM Naidu assured his cadre and leaders that TDP is coming to power again in the State. He convinced the cadre that PM Modi's conspiracy enraged the voters and in turn they favoured TDP. 

CM Naidu told the cadre that in an intention to have upper hand over him, the elections are announced for the whole of AP in the first phase by EC.  CM blames it on PM Modi. However, Babu is of the view the same has done good to the party as he thinks that he successfully made the benefits of the welfare schemes reach the beneficiaries just before the polling. Had the polling happened in the last week of April, the beneficiaries could forget the benefit. 

Hence the TDP cadre now feels that timing of the launch of welfare schemes in AP resulted in positive voting for TDP and that is good for the party. However, everybody would know about the same only on May 23. 

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