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Jagan's first axe on engineering works sanctioned by TDP government

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Jagan's first axe on engineering works sanctioned by TDP government

The new dispensation in Andhra Pradesh has started its work? Is it trying to put its zero corruption face from the day one itself? Will it neck out corruption out of all the works or is it starting the work of reviewing the works sanctioned by the previous dispensation? An order note issued on Wednesday calls for cancellation of ungrounded and halting of incomplete engineering works.

According to the directions in the note, all engineering works sanctioned by TDP government in Andhra Pradesh before April 1st and not grounded till date, will stand cancelled. The note claims that Financial Responsibility and Budget Management norms were violated in several works sanctioned and that resulted in a large burden on the state's exchequer. The directions note issued by Chief Secretary of Andhra Pradesh directed that there is a case for thorough review on all ongoing and sanctioned projects as the thin spread of resources is proving to be financially unwise. 

Hence, the government ordered all the departments to cancel all the works sanctioned before the 1st of April and not grounded. It also askes the departments to stop the works in which 25% of the work or more was completed and value it afresh. The contractor or the firm, which got the work has to work as per the new value assessed by the present dispensation. 

The note clearly states that no payments will be done in this regard till fresh orders are issued from appropriate authorities.

The order note from CS mentions the desire of the government's pro-poor policy and zero tolerance to corruption. Hence, it requests the secretaries of various departments to adhere to the motto of the present dispensation and review the works accordingly.

As per the orders in the note, all projects in irrigation, energy, roads and buildings will come under the scrutiny of the government. The projects that are not grounded now and which are grounded but not completed will be reviewed. The incomplete works in the Polavaram project could be reviewed.

As the government is considering the engineering works, there would be several projects in energy, municipal, industries and R&B departments. All the engineering works that are not started and not completed will come under review and their value will be reviewed.

The projects would be assigned a new value and depending on the consent of the contractor to the new value, the re-awarding of the works may be decided. Generally, in these circumstances, the new value would normally be lower than the previous one. Hence, issues about re-awarding the projects would come to the fore in the near future.

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