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Jagan to take 'one rupee' salary?

15-05-201915-05-2019 17:58:53 IST
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Jagan to take 'one rupee' salary?

Jagan, who seems to be on cloud nine since the polling date, is confident of victory and is reportedly planning some important decisions that keep him in good books of the populace.

One such thing is 'one rupee' salary per month.

Sources in YSRCP say their chief YS Jaganmohan Reddy will take oath as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and will decide to take a salary of just 'one rupee'. If the decision is taken by any person who will be the CM after May 23, will be historical as no CM in the recent past acted that way.

They explained the reason behind the decision of Jagan. The one rupee salary of the CM would be ideal to do cost cuts in the administration wherever necessary. It also indicates the poor financial condition of the State of Andhra Pradesh, which YSRCP will put the onus on the previous TDP government. By doing so, Jagan could blame the previous TDP government for the poor condition of the economy. Reportedly five or six other individuals, who are confident of capturing the power and getting cabinet berths are also planning to do the same as their leader. 

if Jagan comes to power, he shall take some decisions that reduce the financial burden on the people of Andhra Pradesh alongside the decision of one rupee salary. 

Sources say that Jagan is collecting information from various departments to take some decisions immediately after taking oath as CM. He is reportedly in touch with officers. 

Whatever other decisions he may take, Jagan is thinking that his 'one rupee' salary decision would make Ministers and officers work with financial prudence.

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