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Jagan resumes Padayatra

24-11-201824-11-2018 05:30:41 IST
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Jagan resumes Padayatra

Its been over 17 days since the knife attack on YSRCP head YS Jagan. After taking prescribed rest by the doctors Jagan has resumed his Padayatra from Melapuvalasa.

Since his attack, there has been a lot of pressure on the police forces in AP who have now granted him a three-tier security. This security, however, would make it very difficult for his followers to meet him.

Earlier both the DGP and the chief minister of AP had dismissed the attack on Jagan calling it a work of a fan who wanted to create a sympathy wave. Jagan meanwhile has demanded a CBI probe into this matter.

YS Jagan's mother had accused the chief minister of hatching a plot to harm his son and said she had no faith in the police in AP. Reacting to her comments, TDP leader said, YSRCP is making a baseless allegation. They are trying to get political mileage out of the knife attack.

TDP said that the same police had given him protection up until now and Jagan had no moral ground to continue his Padayatra in a state whose police he does not trust.


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