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Jagan hits back at the opposition for 'negative propaganda' on sand policy

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Jagan hits back at the opposition for 'negative propaganda' on sand policy


Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy lashed out at the opposition for its comments on government's sand policy and citing it as a reason for the death of another construction worker.

Jagan was chairing a review meeting on sand mining and distribution when he pointed out that the sand shortage is due to the recent floods and that coming month onwards things will improve. Directing the officials to take necessary precautions in the matter, Jagan hit back Naidu and Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan for spreading negative propaganda. 

The recent months have seen as many as 3 suicides due to lack of work in the construction sector in the state with the opposition blaming Jaganmohan Reddy for the slump in the industry.

“TDP is making unnecessary accusations. Let’s make sure no one talks about the sand issue again. Let’s condemn negative propaganda right away,” Jagan reportedly said. 

He further announced the government's plans of a program called ‘Isuka Varotsavam’ (Sand Week) which will undertake sand extraction for an entire week.

Speaking about the issue of unemployment caused by sand scarcity, Jagan said that the new sand policy involved less mechanised work, which will lead to more jobs. While the state government has identified 267 sand reaches, only 69 of them are available for extraction due to floods, Jagan said. He also said that until the floods subside, nearly 70 sand reaches have been identified near local ponds and lakes. 

“Anyone can pay the challan at the Village Secretariat and transport sand upto a distance of 20 km under the supervision of the Collector,” Jagan said, adding that construction workers who are unemployed must be provided work through the Village Secretariat. 

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