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Jagan all set to shift to Amaravati

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Jagan all set to shift to Amaravati

Believing that all would be well for him on May 23, the counting day and to keep himself accessible to the people of Andhra Pradesh, the chief of main opposition party YSRCP, YS Jaganmohan Reddy is set to shift his base to Vijayawada on May 21.

Sources say that a meeting was called on May 16 to prepare for counting day and all possible outcomes when the Election Commission declares the results on May 23. Party leaders who work from the headquarters of the YSRCP say that it is time for the party headquarters to be shifted to Amaravati completely. They are sure that their party will form the next government. 

in February Jagan performed the house warming ceremony for his newly constructed residence at Tadepalli in Guntur district. 

After the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, both Jagan and Chandrababu Naidu started operating from Hyderabad. However, the political compulsions of Chandrababu made him shift the base of the government to Amaravati despite having ten years time to operate from Hyderabad. However, Jagan had continued to operate from Hyderabad. 

Nearly two months before this general elections, Jagan shifted his base to Amaravati, to counter the criticism of TDP that YSRCP chief is doing politics from Hyderabad. CM Naidu repeatedly told the people that he has a residence in Andhra Pradesh, but Jagan has nothing like that. 

Now, both office and home both in Amaravati, Jagan is all set to operate from Andhra Pradesh. However, will he operate as CM or will continue as opposition leader will only be decided on May 23.

But Jagan's party, as well as his opponents too, seem to believe that YSRCP is all set to win in this assembly election.

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