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Is it advantage YSRCP, due to better money management?

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Is it advantage YSRCP, due to better money management?
Is it the Money that mattered most in elections of Andhra Pradesh? It matters everywhere, but does it matters more in Telugu states, particularly in Andhra Pradesh? Sources in main rival political parties after the elections say so. 

Being in power, TDP was in a better position to spend more than YSRCP, but the conflicts with Election Commission and IT raids made it difficult to the party candidates to make use of money power, say some field level sources. 

However, its political rival and the main opposition party, which is expecting a comeback in the elections dealt well with the money matters as some activists and ticket losers say so. They said that Jagan was particular about the money power of the candidate except for the reserved constituencies and that resulted in the discontent of the old horses in the party. However, Jagan was adamant of money power of the candidate he chose to contest as he felt that TDP will spend huge amounts to win these elections as a party in power. 

Anonymous sources say that Jagan made use of his Padayatra well for this purpose. Blending his padayatra time with political decision making, Jagan made decisions about coordinators for the assembly constituencies in the State. He alongside choosing the candidates worked on their winning changes by talking with local cadre about their money power as well as networking. Talking about his ability to analyse a candidate's money power, TDP at that time criticised that Jagan is auctioning the tickets for assembly elections. However, unperturbed by the criticism and campaign in the news dailies, Jagan continued to prefer financially powerful candidates to contest in the assembly elections. 

In this context, a question may arise about the financial power of TDP, as a party in power. However, analysts point out that due to IT raids, the party's financial power was restricted. They say that even TDP supremo and AP CM Chandrababu Naidu was irritated at the money power of YSRCP in this elections. Observers say that in 2014, TDP was successful in spending more than YSRCP, but this time, the financial prowess of the party even made TDP cadre spellbound. This led to the tactical advantage for YSRCP candidates in their respective constituencies and that may give advantage to that party in the elections, say political observers. 

However, one has to wait and see what worked out for which party only after results on May 23rd. 

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