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Is Chintamaneni Prabhakar on the way to ouster?

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Is Chintamaneni Prabhakar on the way to ouster?

Denduluru and Chintamaneni Prabhakar were in the news for the wrong reasons for five years. Ever since he allegedly manhandled MRO Vanajakshi and remained unscathed, his aggressiveness turned into a type of arrogance, which developed aversion against him. 

He was famous for his self-proclamations that he shall win from Denduluru irrespective of the candidate and party. However, voters seem to think differently. 

A Shopkeeper in Denduluru, Srinivas said, "our MLA is arrogant. We don't dare to go to him nowadays". A lot of common folks are thinking that way in Denduluru. One teacher from a village nearby Denduluru said, "he (Chintamaneni Prabhakar) is fond of cockfights and gambling than the people. He gives a foot for voters compared to his whims and fancies", he said. 

Another person out of Denduluru Constituency, who belongs to Hanuman Junction in the border of Krishna and WG districts said, "That man manhandled a person in our village. He was passing through Hanuman Junction a couple of years back and picked up a quarrel with an RTC driver. When a local intervened, he beat him up". 

That way his antics of the quarrel are very famous in and out his constituency. Some voters in Denduluru wonder how did he manage to win in 2014 for the second time. At that time, he claimed that he was not able to work well in Congress government, and also convinced that TDP will come to the power and he will bring out a diamond out of the constituency. This time that is not the situation, say some neutral voters.

The voters, as well as government machinery, are miffed with the ludicrous ways and means of Chintamaneni as everybody faced the heat of his grotesque acts. He even did not leave his own party colleagues when there is a difference of opinion. 

He was convicted in the case of manhandling the then Minister VattiVasantha Kumar for two years and appealed the judgment in the higher court. Apart from that, he is facing charges in around 40 cases, but he was not arrested by police in any of them. This indicates pressure from the powers to be on the police department to spare him. 

In the present context of polling, 84.70 polling was recorded in Denduluru Constituency and it indicates anti-incumbency, says YSRCP cadre. In a deft move, YSRCP fielded Kotharu Abbaiah Chowdary against Chintamaneni. Alongside the clean image of Abbaiah Chowdary, who was software professional in London till 2017, KA Chowdary entered into politics by the call of Jaganmohan Reddy. He participated in several people friendly programmes in the last two years and conducted the party initiatives of YSRCP successfully. As he belongs to same community as Chintamaneni, even those people voted to Abbaiah Chowdary instead of Chintamaneni, said the YSRCP leaders in Denduluru. 

They are confident that voters of Denduluru checked out Chintamaneni out of the assembly in these elections. 

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