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In which party's fold is Prakasham - II

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In which party's fold is Prakasham - II

Continued from the first part

In Santanutalapadu, the SC reserved constituency was won by YSRCP in the last elections. The sitting MLA A Suresh was moved to Yerragondapalem and the party fielded TJR Sudhakar Babu here. Locals say that the outsider Sudhakarbabu turned out to be a minus for TDP and this made the work of TDP candidate and former MLA Vijay Kumar easy. Though the fight was a tug of war, the edge could be for TDP as per the responses of local people.

In Ongole, YSRCP fielded Balineni Srinivasa Reddy, who won four times and worked as a minister in YSR Cabinet. In the last elections, he was defeated by D Janardan of TDP by 12,000 votes. This time too these two are in the fray and both the candidates being financially strong, money mattered more than the image and party feelings. It seems locals favoured Balineni due to anti-incumbency factor and the word of Jagan that Balineni would be made a minister if won, also worked out well. Due to the money power of both the candidates, the win of any would be with thin lead.

In Kandukuru, YSRCP candidate Pothula Ramarao won and joined TDP later and he contested this time on TDP ticket. Six months back to the polling date, YSRCP embraced former Minister M Mahidhar Reddy and fielded him from the constituency. This turned the wave towards YSRCP and the party is banking on anti-incumbency to win.

In another SC reserved constituency Kondapi, the sitting MLA is from TDP. Last time Jupudi Prabhakar Rao from YSRCP was defeated. Due to his move into TDP, YSRCP took time to bring Doctor Venkaiah to the constituency. As he is new to politics, the cadre did not work with full zeal. TDP too has the same problem, but the caste equations may favour TDP say the locals. This seat may go in favour of TDP as the caste that supports TDP dominates here. 

A tough fight was witnessed in Markapur between TDP and YSRCP. YSRCP fielded Nagarjuna Reddy in place of J Venkat Reddy who won from here last time. K Narayana Reddy contested as TDP candidate this time. Who ever wins from here, may get a slender lead due to a tough fight. 

In Giddaluru, M Ashok Reddy won this on YSRCP ticket and defected to TDP and was fielded from that party. YSRCP fielded Anna Rambabu who was defeated with TDP ticket last time. Hence, both were rivals last time too, but are with different parties this time. Locals response was against Ashok Reddy who defected to TDP, the party in power. YSRCP may win this time due to anti-incumbency and mass image of Rambabu.

In Kanigiri, Kadiri Babu Rao won on TDP ticket in the last elections. However, TDP fielded former MLA Ugranarasimha Reddy. YSRCP fielded Madhusudan Yadav who lost the previous election. BC vote bank this time may work out for that party. TDP is banking on Reddys' votes but YSRCP may have more chances of a win.

Gottipati Ravi who won on YSRCP ticket last time defected to TDP and contested from that party. He is strong here and YSRCP fielded Bachina Chenchu Garataiah from here. However, Karanam Balaram's supporters did not work for Ravi and that would help Garataiah to win over Gottipati Ravi. However, locals are apprehensive of Garataiah overwhelming Ravi, but the fight is tough for both the parties this time. 

All the 12 constituencies witnessed tug-of-war fights this time. No party may get landslide majorities but may dominate in the number of seats they win. The overall voting pattern seems to be favourable to YSRCP.

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