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I am the CM till the new dispensation

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I am the CM till the new dispensation

I am the CM till the new dispensation

Amaravati: AP CM Chanrababu Naidu said that his government will stay put till the next dispensation and he would be the CM till June 8 as he took oath on the same day. His contention is that once taking oath, the goverment will have five years of tenure. 

He talked in a press conference in Vundavalli Prajavedika on Wednesday and questioned about the problems he is facing about conducting review meets. He questioned the reporters abot the link between elections and government day to day activities. 

He asserted that election commission need to conduct only the elections and should not interfere in the administration as it is doing at present. He advised the opposition party to stay cool and satirically asked YSRCP not to be shortbreathed about new dispensation.

His main contention in the conference is about EVMs and VVPATS and said that the nationwide discussion about them is due to him. He again alleged some conspiracy in EVMs and wondered why EC don't want to count  VVPAt slips even after installing them with Rs. 9,000 cr. He underlined the necessity of comparing the count in EVMs with that of the same in VVPATS. 

He took time to criticise Jagan also. CM Naidu alleged that Jagan killed his uncle and publicised that he was dead of heart attack. Not stopping at that CM said that YSRCP managed to transfer SP of the district to influence the investigation. 

In the next point, he censured the central government saying that, wherever he goes, IT is raiding that place. After his visit to Karnataka he reminded that IT raided Kumaraswamy's brother Revanna. After his visit to Tamilnadu, he rued that IT raided Kanimozhi. 

He further expressed his anger over retired IAS officers about meeting Governor against him. He wondered that they did not met the governor when the democracy was attached and top officers were transferred in AP by Election Commission. 


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