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Honorarium for all, not just pastors: YSRCP

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Honorarium for all, not just pastors: YSRCP


The YSRCP government has clarified that Hindu priests and Muslim clerics will enjoy benefits similar to ones that the Christian pastors are currently receiving. The statement was made in connection to BJP's allegation where they called out the Jaganmohan Reddy government for its partisan policies where only pastors were receiving an honorarium of Rs 5,000 per month.

On August 27th, the minority welfare department issued an order under which all the district collectors were supposed to share the report with the government on the number of pastors in each district for the purpose of extending the honorarium. The BJP took strong objection to this statement and claimed that such decisions made people of other faith feel like outsiders.

However, sources in the YSRCP clarified that there were notes sent to different departments. While one note went to the Minority Welfare Department, another went to the Endowment Department. Sources said that this had resulted in a misunderstanding, on which the BJP cashed in, by being selective in its outrage.

The YSRCP also pointed out that the scheme had been implemented by the previous Telugu Desam Party (TDP) government, and they had just increased the honorarium given to all religious heads. The ruling party lashed out at BJP for its selective outrage and claimed that all the noise was being made for no reason.

The note sent to the Endowments Department states that the state government had decided to enhance the remuneration for archakas (Hindu priests) to 25%, over and above the rates fixed in a Government Order issued in March 2019. It also decided to allot house sites and construct houses for them. 

"The Commissioner, Endowments Department is requested to obtain particulars relating to the above said items from all the districts, at the earliest, and submit to the Government for taking further necessary action in the matter," the note states.

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