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Hon’ble Governor’s message to people on corona virus pandemic

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Hon’ble Governor’s message to people on corona virus pandemic

Andhrapardesh Governor Shri Biswabhushan Harichandan passes a message regarding coronavirus, soical distance and lockdown


As you all are aware, our country is passing through a difficult phase now in view of the spread of novel corona virus (COVID-19). 

The COVID-19 has spread among many countries in the world and we in India are not immune to it and cannot remain complacent to the developments across the world.Entire humanity in the world is experiencing the crisis of the COVID-19 calamity. It is essential that each and every citizen remains alert and cautious.

We are observing and hearing the news related to corona virus over the past two months and how the virus is spreading among several countries, causing immense loss of human life and economic down turn. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared it as a pandemic with a potential to spread across large geographic area. I thank the people of Andhra Pradesh for diligently observing the ‘Janata Curfew’ on 22nd March, in response to the call given by our Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modiji.

After assessing the situation on the ground and to prevent the potential risk of further spread of the corona virus, PM Sri Narendra Modi announced complete lock down throughout the country for 21 days beginning from the midnight of 24th March.

The key to successful prevention of spread of the COVID-19 lies with following the guidelines issued by the authorities, such as:

1.  Staying indoors

2. Maintaining social distance. 

3. At least one metre distance should be maintained between one person and another. 

4. Go out for purchase of vegetables and other essential commodities only during the time stipulated by the authorities duly maintaining social distance. 

5. Frequent washing of hands with soap or sanitisers.

6. To wear a face mask in case of symptoms of cough and cold.

7. To contact a medical professional at the call centre in case people experience any symptoms associated with the corona virus and follow their advice.

8. Do not use self medication.

9. Avoid all non-essential travel

Chief Minister Sri Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy has made it clear that people should remain where they are till 14th April including those residing in other states. 

Government is making arrangements for door-to-door survey by village volunteers to track and monitor the movements of persons who returned from other countries. Tests will be conducted to those with symptoms of fever, cough, cold and breathlessness.

I appeal to the persons who have returned from foreign countries to voluntarily come forward and share details of their travel history, stay indoors and notify the health authorities in case they experience any symptoms related to the virus.

The state government has made necessary arrangements to supply ration and pulses to poor families apart from cash incentive of Rs.1000.

Police personnel, doctors, nurses and the entire medical fraternity, sanitation personnel and the media should be appreciated for the round the clock, self-less service being provided by them.

As responsible citizens, it is our duty to extend cooperation to the administration by adhering to the guidelines issued from time to time.

I appeal to people to understand the seriousness of the situation as the COVID-19 is posing a threat to the entire humanity.

As you all are aware no definite solution has been found to save us from the Corona pandemic, and prevention is the only way.

In other countries, the spread of the disease and the number of people infected by Corona virus has grown at a rapid pace.

As responsible citizens of the country, it is time for us to resolve to overcome this global crisis, by fulfilling all our duties as citizens, and abiding by the guidelines given by the Central and State governments. We must resolve to not get infected ourselves, and prevent others from getting infected.

It is wrong to assume that everything is fine and that we will not be infected by the corona virus. If anybody is under such wrongful impression he is certainly pushing himself into a dangerous situation as well as exposing his family members and those around him to a dangerous disease, for which no cure has yet been found.

Keeping this in mind, I appeal to you all to keep indoors till 14th April or till such time as declared by the authorities and not to step out of your homes.

Except those who are in essential government services, healthcare services, people’s representatives, media personnel, all others must isolate themselves from rest of the society.

I also appeal to the elderly and senior citizens and those above 65 years of age to not to leave homes during the lock down period.

I request the youth organizations like NCC, NSS and Red Cross, NGOs, civil society members to spread awareness about the importance of staying indoors during the lock down period and maintaining social distance.

I request each of you to in turn pass on the message to ten other people whom you know, so that the message reaches everybody for taking effective precautions to prevent spread of the COVID-19.

Home-less poor, labourers, migrant workers are worst affected people during these times. I have instructed the Red Cross Society officials to distribute essential items such as face masks, hand sanitizers, food packets, water packets etc. at free of cost.

I request the people to make use of the arrangements for testing and quarantine facilities made by the state government at Constituency-level and district headquarters.

Anybody with symptoms of dry cough, high fever, sore throat, difficulty in breathing should immediately contact the nearest health facility, get themselves tested and seek medical advice on further steps to be taken.

The corona virus is spread through cough or sneeze, personal contact, contaminated objects, mass gathering.

The only way it can be prevented is by frequent hand wash with soap or hand sanitizer, wearing a mask, avoiding contact with sick people, covering mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing.

As you all know, a special fund by name Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund - known as ‘PM CARES-Fund’ has been set up under the Chairmanship of the Prime Minister. ‘PM CARES - Fund’ is set up as a dedicated national fund with the primary objective of mitigating the emergency situations such as COVID-19 pandemic, and to provide relief and rehabilitation to the affected people during such calamity. 

Industrialists, Corporates and people across the country are extending their contributions to the ‘PM CARES – Fund’ liberally.  

I also fervently appeal to the people to come forward and offer their generous contributions to the ‘PM CARES – Fund’ as well as the Andhra Pradesh CM Relief Fund so that we strengthen the hands of the government and to enable the country and the state to prepares itself to deal with this calamity which is posing a threat to the whole humanity.  

In response to the PM’s appeal, I have decided to contribute one month’s salary to the ‘PM CARES – Fund, as a humble gesture. And as a responsibility towards my state I have decided to donate Rs 1 lakh to the AP State CM Relief Fund.

Our contribution to the fund will go a long way in mitigating the emergency situation posed by COVID-19 and to help the poor and needy people in these difficult times.

I once again appeal to all the people of Andhra Pradesh to strictly adhere to the guidelines issued by the Central and State Governments. 

It should be kept in mind that ‘frequent hand wash’, ‘self-isolation’ and ‘social distance’ are the best measures to combat the spread of corona virus. 



G. Sathyanarayana Raju

గొట్టుముక్కల సత్యనారాయణరాజుకు జర్నలిజంలో 21 సంవత్సరాలకు పైగా అనుభవం ఉంది. ప్రముఖ దినపత్రికలు, మేగజైన్లు, న్యూస్ ఛానెళ్ళలో వివిధ హోదాల్లో బాధ్యతలు నిర్వర్తించారు. డిజిటల్ మీడియాలో ప్రవేశించి... నాలుగేళ్ళనుంచి వివిధ వెబ్‌సైట్లలో పనిచేశారు. ప్రస్తుతం న్యూస్‌స్టింగ్‌.ఇన్ లో కంటెంట్ హెడ్‌గా పనిచేస్తున్నారు. ఫీచర్ రైటింగ్, ప్రత్యేక కథనాలు, కరెంట్ అఫైర్స్, ఎన్నికల కథనాలు, రాజకీయ కథనాల విశ్లేషణలో మంచి ప్రావీణ్యం ఉంది.
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