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Hola..! Nani gets 2 ‘TDP birds’ with one tweet..!

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Hola..! Nani gets 2 ‘TDP birds’ with one tweet..!


Some call it cruel fate biting the TDP back while some others see a deep-rooted design behind it. Whatever the insinuations are, Vijayawada Member of Parliament Kesineni Nani has turned out to be the biggest thorn in the flesh for Chandrababu Naidu and the TDP leaders. The erstwhile owner of Kesineni Travels has been a different man since the time Naidu ignored him for the position of TDP’s leader in Lok Sabha. Nani is one of the three TDP MPs who survived the Jagan wave that swept across the state in the recent elections.

Turning out to be a tough nut to crack, the second-time MP from Vijayawada has chosen the Twitter route to poke at his own party of late. Among the torrent of his tweets, a recent one caught everyone’s attention like never before. Translated into English, it goes like this: “Till yesterday, it was Naidu’s feet, from tomorrow it will be Vijaya Sai Reddy’s feet. Only the persons change but the feet remain the same.” Despite the veiled attack, Nani left nothing for imagination as everyone figured out it was aimed at TDP’s MLC Buddha Venkanna, also hailing from Vijayawada. It came soon after the MLC was rumoured to have met YSRCP strongman Vijaya Sai Reddy in Hyderabad.

Reacting to this, Venkanna fired his own Twitter salvo insinuating that Nani is an opportunist. “A leader who connives with opposition parties is dangerous. Chandrababu Naidu needs soldiers who fight till their last breath and not opportunists”, was how his tweet read. This triggered a no-holds-barred tweet-fight between them. In the process, the two leaders did not even mind washing their dirty linen in public. But one of Nani’s tweets in the process has largely gone unnoticed by many for its subtle snide remark, also aimed at another big name.

Nani, in that particular tweet, commented: “The man who cannot win four votes on his own got four posts. A person who cannot utter four words properly is criticizing others. A man who cannot write four sentences without mistakes is tweeting now.” In the midst of the twitter slug-fest with Venkanna, this tweet was also taken as a poke against the MLC. But a careful reading seemed to suggest that Nani was shrewd enough to target Chandrababu Naidu’s son Nara Lokesh, more than Venkanna.

The attributes mentioned in Nani’s tweet lends credence to this feeling. By virtue of being the son of Chandrababu Naidu, it is Lokesh who enjoyed or still enjoys multiple posts in the party. He is TDP’s national general secretary and also an MLC. Till about 40 days ago, he was a key minister in Naidu’s cabinet during the TDP rule. Incidentally, he was entrusted with several key portfolios including Information Technology, Rural Development and Panchayat Raj. The Nara scion also incidentally happens to be the leader who had never won a single election but was still inducted into the ministry. Even in the recently concluded Assembly elections, he lost from the Mangalagiri constituency which falls under the Amaravathi capital region.

The comparison doesn’t just end there. Nani poked at the ‘inability to utter words and write sentences properly’. It was Lokesh who has been in the eye of a storm throughout his short political career with a series of gaffes in his public speeches. The comedy of errors in utterances have even assumed iconic proportions, which many believe, has even contributed its bit to the TDP’s rout in the recent elections.

Chandrababu Naidu is too smart to sniff out the underlying sarcasm in Nani’s tirade in the recent past. But his helplessness in reining in the belligerent MP is clearly evident from the delicate political scenario prevailing in his party. He knows it too well that Nani is sitting on the fence and just looking for a ruse through his provocations to switch his loyalties. For the moment, Naidu and his TDP have no option but to take the twitter pricks right on the wounds..!


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