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High Court to be constructed in Amaravati

24-11-201824-11-2018 12:44:20 IST
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High Court to be constructed in Amaravati

The current high court in Hyderabad has been issued a notification to bifurcate so that a separate High Court could be constructed in Amaravati. The high court will be functional from a temporary structure in Amaravati until a new building is constructed at the Justice city in Amaravati.

The bifurcation was earlier challenged by the Central government in 2015. The guidelines laid down by the AP reorganization act will be followed for the bifurcation process.

TDP wants the High Court as soon as possible in Amaravati so that AP's court can function separately. It has also been made clear that the judges in Hyderabad HC would be the judges in the AP HC.

All the facilities for the judges would be made available before the issuing the notification said the counsel for the state government. The Hyderabad HC wanted the Andhra HC to be constructed within the state. 

Meanwhile, the Central government has challenged this decision as Hyderabad is a common capital for both the states for 10 years and a temporary high cannot be constructed in AP. This would delay the already impending cases. 

All the arrangements for a separate HC for Andhra Pradesh have been made in Amaravati. The HC would soon be functional.


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