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‘Helmet please, Mr Lokesh’: Police thwart TDP bike rally

05-09-201905-09-2019 12:47:36 IST
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‘Helmet please, Mr Lokesh’: Police thwart TDP bike rally

TDP general secretary and Chandrababu Naidu’s son Nara Lokesh is just beginning to come out of the cocoon these days. After fighting largely from the comfort of the ‘Twitter nest’, the young leader is making increased public appearances.

The former minister in the TDP regime was in Visakhapatnam district on Wednesday taking part in several party activities. One such was a bike rally that he intended to lead in Narsipatnam. Enthused by the presence of their ‘future leader’, the TDP activists turned up in hordes for the agitational programme.

Lokesh, who received a warm reception from his partymen, was about to jump onto a motorbike to embark on the rally when he was greeted by these ‘unexpected guests’. A team of local police descended on the scene and denied the TDP men permission to hold the bike rally on the grounds of ‘not wearing helmets’.

This has taken the entire contingent of TDP activists completely by surprise as they were hardly expecting a ‘hurdle’ coming in this fasion. Evidently, no one among them was carrying a helmet, which made it difficult for them to prevail over the police. The police on their part insisted that they are free to carry on with their bike rally only after sporting helmets.

With the cops sticking to their guns hiding behind the road safety rules, Lokesh and party had no option but to cancel their grand bike rally plans. But refusing to take it with a pinch of salt, the young Nara scion took a spontaneous decision converting it into a paadayatra (foot march) upto the local TDP office.

After huffing and puffing to walk it down to the party office, the TDP leaders and activists could not hide their fury which reflected in Lokesh’s speech later.

Taking the YSRCP government to task for creating troubles during his tour programme, the TDP general secretary claimed that YS Jaganmohan Reddy would not have completed his paadayatra if they had resorted to similar tactics during the TDP rule. But a comment he made in the process did not go entirely unnoticed.

He wondered if it is ‘really necessary for vehicle users to wear helmets during a bike rally’. Many in the public domain felt that the young TDP leader would have probably got carried away in his verbal offensive against the YSRCP government and missed the plot in the process.

Lokesh obviously doesn’t need to be reminded that the law does not exempt anyone from road safety rules and political parties are no exception to it. On the contrary, the TDP activists should consider themselves lucky since no one was fined for ‘helmetless travel’ especially under the more stringent road safety act that the Centre has come up with recently.

-Durga Prasad Kanamaluru

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