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HC issues notices to AP and Telangana

24-11-201824-11-2018 03:19:48 IST
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HC issues notices to AP and Telangana

The Telangana and Andhra Pradesh governments on Tuesday received notice from the Hyderabad High court over illegal killing of unwanted chickens in both the states.

The order came after PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) filed a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) seeking courts intervention in stopping the poultry industry from using different ways to kill male and other unwanted chickens.

PETA claims that the chickens are injected in a way that they have a fleshy upper body and the ones which give eggs are injected to give many eggs unnaturally. And because of this process, most male chickens are rendered useless as they cant give eggs and their flesh isn't as bulky as the female chickens.

Peta filed the PIL after an eyewitness exposed several poultries across both the states where millions of male and other unwanted chickens were killed mercilessly. These chickens were either burned, drowned, suffocated, crushed or fed to other animals by major egg and meat suppliers.

Representatives of PETA released a report where their secret reporters have shot videos on the cruelty shown towards birds in AP and Telangana.

PETA wants people to know how the male chickens are killed just because they cannot produce eggs by drowning them, crushing them, suffocating and grinding.




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