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Has Jagan erred, bashing ‘TDP corruption’ at diplomats' meet?

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Has Jagan erred, bashing ‘TDP corruption’ at diplomats' meet?

As a first initiative of beckoning foreign investments, the YS Jaganmohan Reddy-led Andhra Pradesh government hosted a one-day International Diplomatic Outreach Summit in Vijayawada on Friday. Government representatives from 30 countries were reported to have attended the event which came in handy for the AP chief minister to showcase the state’s natural strengths and potential for development projects.

Despite its significance, the YSRCP government appeared to have avoided pomp and glitter to host the summit in a frugal manner. On that count, the current dispensation deserves a pat on the back for living up to its promise to ‘work with its feet firmly on the ground’.

Jagan’s speech highlighting AP’s natural advantages with the longest costline, six airports and four ports was widely seen as a positive move in convincing the outside world about the conducive ecosystem for investing in the state. The chief minister also spoke about how his government is treading a different path with a perfect blend of liberal and pragmatic decisions. The idea was to drive home the point on how they are putting in place a transparent regime that will have no scope for corruption.

This far Jaganmohan Reddy’s speech was music to ears for everyone. But in a bid to defend his government’s decisions scrapping Power Purchase Agreements and contracts for key projects like Polavaram, the chief minister spoke of massive corruption during the previous TDP government. He squarely blamed the Chandrababu Naidu regime for his government’s moves reversing these decisions.

It came with a bit of shock and left bad taste in the mouth for some of those present at the prestigious gathering, and also for many who watched the CM’s speech on television. Many wondered if this was the ideal approach and felt that the chief minister may have gone overboard in broaching the topic.

It created the feeling that the whole strategy fell flat with the use of such ‘negative messaging’ -- invite foreign investments to the very state that you accuse of past corruption. What if the summit ends up making the diplomats jittery instead of instilling the positive investor-confidence?

At the end of the day, all this could be glossed over as a minor aberration and go unnoticed in the larger context of a positive initiative. But observers feel that this is an area of quick learning for the new government which is slowly finding its feet to settle down with its administration.

-Durga Prasad Kanamaluru




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